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2016 - Live Portrait Sitting of CEO Dr Michael Stanford at St John of God Murdoch Hospital

2016 - Skin Deep exhibition

WA Portrait Artists members have joined to exhibit their work in a new portraiture show in Fremantle.

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2015 - Black Swan Prize for Portraiture


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Black Swan Prize for Portraiture Part 2 | Today Perth News






2010 - Mosman Park ArtAward - The Artist's Chronicle



2011 - Review: Be Still and Know

By Bree-Anna Dorant


On 123 Hay Street in Subiaco, Perth, I had a unique experience. At the Linton and Kay Contemporary in an intimate gallery space, I was afforded the opportunity to immerse myself in new works by the artist Daniela Dlugocz in her most recent exhibition ‘Be Still and Know’.


A more appropriate title could not be employed, for to truly experience Dlugocz’s works we must ‘be still’ and occupy the world of her paintings in order to ‘know’. Dlugocz’s pastel on canvas works require the viewer to do more than just glance and move on, they ask for our full attention and require us to drown out the noisy world we live in. Once we have patiently done this, they will reveal themselves. It is through her limiting of contrast that creates such visual challenges for the viewer and thus such powerful discoveries when the motif reveals itself. Whilst viewing it, I found myself going through stages. First was the glance where I distinguished the particular colour of the background. Secondly, I would notice variations in hue and tone. Upon investigation I would start to decipher a motif, often changing and seeing several different possibilities. Finally, my persistence would pay off and I would see the motif for what it was and that moment of realization was both visually and emotionally compelling.


Daniela Dlugocz’s new paintings are a collection of meticulously beautiful explorations of what it means to see and to perceive a work of art.



2010 - Mosman Park Art Award

2010 - Mosman Park Art Award
2010 - Mosman Park Art Award



2009 - Incite . Insight



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