2017: Emily's Voice

I was live-artist at the Emily's Voice Gala Fundraising Dinner 2017 in Perth.


2017: The Veteran Project

Here is a video about the project: https://youtu.be/DbMZtKr3KxA



Date:        Saturday 15th July

Info:         The Portraits will be on display at Government House during the RSL       State Congress

                 Sorry but this event is not open to the general public.




                 11 Kent St, Rockingham WA 6168

Dates:       Monday 24th – Friday 28th July

                 10am – 4pm

Info:          Exhibition open for the whole week – open to the general public

ARTISTS:  On THURSDAY 27th July (5pm – 6pm) we are having a special MEET THE ARTISTS event. Artists are invited to speak at this special event to talk about the techniques they used in creating their portrait.




                 Dixon Road, Rockingham

Dates:       Monday 4th – Saturday 30th September

                  Monday to Thursday:  9am – 7pm

                  Friday: 9am – 5pm

                  Saturday: 9am – 12pm

Info:          Exhibition in the foyer of the Library

INVITE:      All Artists and Veterans are invited to a SPECIAL OPENING of the exhibition at the Library on Friday 1st September from 6.00-8.00pm





                  Fremantle Ports (in & outside of B Shed)

Date:         Saturday 4th November

Info:           Portraits will be on display inside B Shed.

This is a public event with traditionally over 10,000 people through the area in one day. Displays, performances and activities inside and outside suitable for all age groups and is very family friendly.

Subject to availability they often have RAN ship tours.





                    St Georges Terrace, Perth City

Date:           10th & 11th November

Info:            Portraits will be on display inside the Cathedral (to the right of the altar) for the whole weekend.

                   On Saturday evening there will be a formal Remembrance Day service held


2017: Esther Foundation

I have been honored to support those in our community who are disadvantaged, those who are working hard to restore and improve their lives, the girls @ The ESTHER FOUNDATION 

They are doing amazing work for young women in Perth, Western Australia and once a year you can see and buy their art @ the "unseen" exhibition.

This year I have curated their show @ the Town Hall Perth and have also donated this portrait of "Jasmine" to raise funds for this beautiful cause!


2016 Live Portrait Sitting of CEO Dr Michael Stanford at St John of God Murdoch Hospital

2016: Summerset Arts Festival

Art in the Open Drawing Classes

Join me for a free drawing workshop in life portraiture.


Date:   Tue 2 February - Friday 5 February

Time:   5.00pm - 7.30pm

Venue: Sunset Veranda (pop-up venue)


More info





2016: Skin Deep exhibition

22-27 January, 2016 at Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle


WA Portrait Artists invite you to their second annual exhibition of all things portraiture, featuring 13 established and emerging Western Australian artists including several previous Archibald, Black Swan and Doug Moran Portrait Prize finalists. This includes Daniela Dlugocz, Brad Durrant, Jill Ansell, Jana Vodesil-Baruffi, Steve Makse, Peteris Ciemitis, Caroline Marinovich, Daevid Anderson, Ros Mitchell, Leanne Pearson, Josh Cocking, Jane Pestell-Litten, Tessa McOnie.



Join them at the opening reception on Friday 22 January, from 6.30pm.

To be opened by Dr Brad Pettitt (Mayor of Fremantle) and Carl Altmann.


Daniela Dlugocz is planning to run a FREE portraiture drawing workshop on Saturday 23.01.16 from 10:00 to 13:00 in conjunction with this fabulous event.



2015: Fremantle Festival

A big Thank You to the City of Fremantle for the opportunity to teach ART in the OPEN during the Fremantle Art Frestival 2015

It was an amazing week at Kings Square with young and old joining us daily for drawing classes of all kind.




2015: Teaching at exhibition of Black Swan Prize for Portraiture


During the 2015 BlackSwanPrize for portraiture I offered a free portraiture lesson at the Linton&Kay Gallery in the CBD which was fully booked out. All participants enjoyed drawing from life, learning to measure, getting proportions right, achieving alikeness and sharing different techniques. It was a wonderful experience for all. Please check out my fb page for more in the near future.


Black Swan Prize for Portraiture Website.



2012: Heart & Hope Exhibition at John Curtin Gallery


The exhibition reveals the hope for the Cambodian people whilst also revealing the curse of what is lacking in the human condition. The works of this show connect irectly into the heart of Cambodia and its people. Individuals can make a difference once we have worked through and processed that there is always something that can be done. Despite what the immediate situation looks like it is inspiring to recall what Mother Teresa said,” if you look at the masses you will never act, but if you look at

the one you will”.


My work responds to this fact in figurative ways. Two generations are communicating without words; the young one only raises questions with her eyes while the older woman can’t seem to answer. Their connection remains through a great space of darkness as the generation between them is missing. \


Title: "Lost Generation"

60 x 185 cm Pastel and Charcoal on Canvas


Curator, Alley Michelle: "I believe that visual art is a vehicle that can be used to speak

up for a ‘cause’ such as raising the awareness on the modern day crime of human trafficking that is enslaving a reported twenty-seven million people."



2011 April: Solo Exhibition 'Be still and know'


"Winner of the Mosman Park Open Art Award in 2010 and with a Masters in Art, (Visual Art), German born artist Daniela Dlugocz challenges the limits of ocular perception by significantly limiting the contrast in her works. Her finely rendered works are masterpieces of grace and subtlety, causing the viewer to gaze thoroughly to gain insight into the subject and reap the rewards of their persistence when the delicate images emerge from within the shadows of her brooding canvases.

An exhibition of unrivalled beauty, ‘Be Still and Know’ will seduce all who view this suite of extraordinary works!"


Fri 8th April to Thu 21st April 2011.

Open Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 5pm.

Open Sundays 11am - 4pm.


123 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008 - Tel: (08) 9388 0067 

For more information please visit Linton & Kay Contemporary.


2011 April: Stations of the Cross

I will participate as one of 15 Western Australian Artists at the annual exhibition of 'Stations of the Cross', presented by the Wesley Uniting Church in Perth.


"By asking artists to interpret this traditional Easter story, the exhibition aims to engage a broad audience in a visual dialogue around the universal themes at the heart of Easter; the finite human journey and the way the reality of our own mortality shapes the way we conduct our daily lives." Catherine Czerw, Curator


Sat 16th April to Mon 25th April 2011.

Open daily 9am to 5pm.


For more information please visit Perth Uniting Church.


What is not apparent at first glance draws you in as the dawn of a picture slowly emerges. Originally hailing from Germany, artist Daniela Dlugocz has exhibited widely in Perth, Melbourne and China. She won first prize at the 2010 Mosman Park Art Award and was a finalist in the 2008 Black Swan Portraiture Prize. A resident of the Fremantle Arts Centre, Daniela is opening her studio door for an exhibition of her current work. See the exquisite beauty and subtlety of her work, plus onsite demonstrations of her technique” Rachel Clowes, Communications and Administrative Assistant, Cultural Development.


INFO:    mail(at)danieladlugocz.com

PRICE:   Free

WHERE: Fremantle Arts Centre, Office Studio 2 (upstairs next to Painting Studio)

WHEN:   Sat 6–Sun 7, Sat 13–Sun 14 Nov, 10am–4pm


Please find more information about Daniela´s Studio Residency at Fremantle Art Centre: www.fac.org.au


2010 Nov: Fremantle Festival - Drawn Together 4th - 21st Nov at Moores Gallery, Fremantle

DRAWN TOGETHER is a celebration of the power of artistic relationships in the City of Fremantle and is part of the Festival 2010. This interactive event explores the human body through the language of drawing.  The event is being coordinated by Ian and Ros de Souza as an inclusive drawing extravaganza providing a forum for artist from all disciplines and the general public to come together.


From 4th to the 14th you are going to see several artists working with the human body at the Gallery, from 14th to 21st Nov the finished results will be displayed and for sale.


Please join me at the Grand Opening of DRAWN TOGETHER on Thursday 4th November at 6.30 at the Moores Building, Henry St, Fremantle.


This is a great opportunity for all of you to get involved in drawing. There will be life drawing daily Fr 5th – Sa 13th Nov, 10-12am and 1-3pm.  Several lectures and workshops will be held at the Moores building. Outside the Moores Building walls, you can participate in the “art of cafe life” in Fremantle. Watch and draw with artists sketching live performance, enjoy good food, great coffee and start drawing (material provided!)


Please find more information : www.drawntogetherfremantle.com


2010 Jul - Dec: Studio Residency at Fremantle Art Centre

In August 2010 I started my Residency at Fremantle Art Centre where I work at Office Studio 2 over a period 6 months. My project of drawings of dead specimens (human and animal species) is in collaboration with the Western Australian Museum. For further research I am currently visiting the Anatomy and Human Biology Department of University of Western Australia and the Veterinary Department of Murdoch University.


2010 Jul - Aug: Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Allude2

It was great to fly to Melbourne for the Allude2 show and Brunswick Street Gallery is a vibrant place to exhibit. I have shown manly drawings on paper and 8 new drawings on canvas as part of the Chance series from 2009 and 2010. Hope you also got to visit the Melbourne International Art Fair 2010 – a great event.


2010 May: Paper 10 - exhibition Melbourne

Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne had selected me as finalist of PAPER10 in 2010.


2010 May: First Price Mosman Park Open Art Award

"Unless you look very carefully you may walk straight past 2010 Mosman Park Art Award’s winning masterpiece. Daniela Dlugocz’s delicate pastel drawing of a jelly fish against a deep black background is much like looking for the transparent creatures in the depths of the Swan River.
Dlugocz’s work was unanimously chosen by the Open Art judging panel from a record 195 artworks for the $4000 first prize in the open art category at this year’s awards. The mysterious pastel drawing was described by judges as “Subtle yet bold”, “Delicate but strong” and “Innovative and Intriguing”."

Anita Campbell



The play on words “incite – insight” indicate the link and the difference between Daniela and Pat’s work. Daniela explores the limits of vision by limiting the contrast in her works and causing the viewer to look carefully to gain insights into the subject, whereas Pat’s work looks at the way information in the electronic age is manipulated and repeated to influence and incite the viewer.
These works, although different in execution, are similar in the respect that they require the viewer to take time to fully appreciate the essential concepts.


Daniela Dlugocz is a previous Town of Vincent Art Award Winner who has a MA (Visual Arts) from Edith Cowan University. She said her current work involved using the symbol of an egg to discuss the fragility of our life – both in the beginning and the ending. “It will raise questions including: what circumstances we get born into and how much this influences our life; and what chances we have in life,” she said.“My work analyses the process of seeing and perceiving, physically as well as psychologically. We all have the same physiological faculties to see, and yet, we all perceive differently. My work is always hard to see, remaining veiled at first glance, requiring the viewer to pause for further contemplation until the motif eventually emerges. ” she said.


Incite-Insight is to be opened by Dr Christopher Crouch at 6.00pm on Friday, 2 October 2009. Heathcote Museum and Gallery, on Duncraig Road, Applecross, is open 10.00am to 3.00pm Tuesday to Friday and 11.00am to 3.00pm Saturday and Sunday.


2009 Oct - City of Joondalup 2009 invitation Art Award

This is an invitation only art exhibition held annually where I won the People’s Choice Prize. Thanks to those who voted for my work.


2009: “Rapids Landing" exhibition

This was a show in Margret River, Australia, at the Leeuwin Estate Gallery. This exhibition was a selection of art works show as finalists at Black Swan Prize in 2008.


2008 Sep: Black Swan Prize for Portraiture

I was a finalist of The Black Swan Prize which is the Portraiture Prize of Western Australia. The jury selects one Finalist to win 30.000 Dollar each year. It was great to be part of it! I could sell my painting and even got an interview in the TV-news that night.


2008 Sep: Allusion at Kurb Gallery Perth

Allusion was a show I have put together with Pat Thomas at Kurb Gallery in Perth. It was a great experience and we had a good turnout.


2007: “Connecting Cultures“ Design Gallery in Beijing

“This exhibition curated by Wang Xuning, was an opportunity for artists to share their ideas and observations about the works and art. It is one thing to talk abstractly about the effects of globalisation on culture; it is another to experience the reality of looking at work from different cultures sitting side by side.

All who exhibited were familiar with the work of other disciplines but that familiarity does not mean that we fully understand what we see when it is placed in front of us unmediated. We are used to things being interpreted for us and being given a framework for understanding.

Instead of work picked out to illustrate theoretical points, there was a collection of work that was difficult to unify under traditional theory; conflicting ideological viewpoints, different media, different content all jostled for attention. We have to make art and exhibit it, engage with one another knowing that even if we can never fully understand the detail of what the other is saying, the struggle to do so is the most useful conversation we will ever have.”

Dr. Christopher Crouch

2007: “Inside out” Spectrum Gallery in Perth

“Inside out” was my final show after graduating from ECU. During the time of exhibition I had my final examination by Paul Uhlmann and passed my Masters of Art (Visual Art). My optical illusive works appeared quite challenging in the dark corner where it was presented in contrast to each other. The large work was peaceful and calm and you felt drawn into it while the grid on the opposite corner was very irritating to look at. The effect of the optical illusion, the flicker of the contrast made it impossible for the viewer to see the motif of the 16 single drawings. As soon as you stepped closer than 1m the flicker stopped and the work was seen in detail.

2007: “Drawing in Darkness” Breadbox Gallery in Perth

This exhibition was held in collaboration with University of Melbourne where it travelled to before it was show in Breadbox Gallery in Perth.


2007: “Drawing in Darkness” at Runt Space Gallery in Melbourne

This exhibition was held in collaboration with University of Melbourne where it travelled to before it was show in Breadbox Gallery in Perth.


2007: DAAD Scholarship

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest funding organisation in the world supporting the international exchange of students and scholars.

I have been incredibly blessed with this one-year scholarship where I could come to Australia to develop my artistic style as well as undergoing further studies.


2006: “Prof. Stuempel and his Students” exhibition

This was the final exhibition of the class of Professor Klaus Stuempel who lectured at University of Arts in Braunschweig for over 30 years. It was his farewell show with his last 5 students.


2006: “Lovely Shanghai Music” exhibition at ZENDAI Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai

Team 404 put together an exhibition in the very large Zendai Museum in Shanghai. Some of us flew to China to set up the work and stay there for an excursion with Prof. John Armleder.


2006: “Meisterschueler 2006” exhibition

This was my final exhibition at the end of my Meisterschueler year. It was a big exhibition spread over several Gallery buildings. 12.000 Euro Scholarship was given away and the show was well received by the large audience.

Only a view students who graduate form DIPLOMA (5 year study in Germany) with distinction can be selected to continue studying on for another year, free of charge, focusing on the practical side of art only.

I truly enjoyed this special year under the supervision of Prof. Klaus Stuempel and Prof. John Armleder.


© 2017 Daniela Dlugocz